Global Child Outcomes

This module is recommended for all ECI staff.

Please note that you will need to register for an account on the HHS Learning Portal if you have not already done so. You will be asked to enter your login credentials when you access the modules. These modules are located on the Early Intervention Specialists Training page.

The Global Child Outcomes module is designed to help ECI service providers:

  • Understand the three global child outcomes
  • Assess children for functional skills associated with each outcome
  • Accurately assign and document ratings for each outcome

The module is designed with the learner’s needs in mind. Key features include:

  • Learning objectives that integrate knowledge with on-the-job skills
  • Frequent opportunities for review/recall and guided practice in realistic scenarios
  • Input from program personnel to ensure relevance and increase learning transfer

The module culminates with the opportunity to conduct a complete child outcomes summary process. Given detailed information about a child from multiple sources, staff are challenged to assign ratings, explain the ratings to parents, and accurately complete the child outcomes summary form.

The Index will help you walk through the module. Print the Global Child Outcomes Index (Word) now to assist you.

Description and Length of Modules

The Global Child Outcomes is split into eight sections. HHS ECI recommends that the learner watch the sections in order, since they build in complexity.

The following lists the eight sections and the approximate time for each section. The timing of the modules includes the time to review the slides, take the quizzes, watch the videos, and the complete all activities.



1. Introduction

20 minutes

2. Functional Skills and Age Expectations

25 minutes

3. The Global Child Outcomes

85 minutes

4. Assessment and Evaluation

20 minutes

5. The Child Outcome Summary (COS) Process

50 minutes

6. COS Decision Making

45 minutes

7. Data Collection and Reporting

20 minutes

8. Be Part of a COS Team

75 minutes

The approximate total time to complete all of the modules is 340 minutes (5 hours and 40 minutes). The viewer does not need to watch the whole module in one sitting; the viewer can come back to any section at any time.

Handouts, Worksheets and Videos

The Global Child Outcomes online module has instructions, handouts and videos embedded in each section. At the beginning of each section there are instructions to print out the handouts and worksheets. If you are having problems printing any information or accessing the videos, please contact the technical support contact listed at the bottom of this page.

Supervisor Resources for Child Outcomes

Supervisors have a key role in the implementation of this training. The following resources are provided to support your work:

Supervisor Guidelines
Supervisor Guidelines- Global Child Outcomes (MS Word)
These guidelines identify the module activities or prompts that require staff members to follow-up with their supervisor. Cues for discussion are included.

Answer Keys for Child Study “Carley”
Part 8 of this module requires the completion of the Child Outcomes Summary process for “Carley.”

Additional Resources
Global Child Outcomes (MS Word)
Online resources regarding the global child outcomes and child development 0-36 months.

File Viewer Information

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Technical Assistance and Support

For questions related to the content of Child Outcomes, or regarding the supervisor guidance, contact the ECI training team.