LIDDA Responsibilities During Potential Threats

HHSC Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Services has published a memo to the local IDD authorities (LIDDA) outlining their role after Long-term Care Regulation identifies a potential threat.

While this letter is directed to the LIDDAs, it is important for Home and Community-based Services (HCS), Texas Home Living (TxHmL), and individualized skills and socialization providers to also be aware of the LIDDA’s responsibilities related to potential threat notifications.

In the event LTCR issues an official notification of a potential threat to someone in the HCS or TxHmL program, HHSC may direct LIDDA to see the impacted person at their residence, individualized skills and socialization site, or another location. If LIDDA staff arrive at a provider-owned or operated residence or facility in response to such a notification, they must be allowed access to the impacted person.

To read the memo in its entirety, see LIDDA Responsibilities During Potential Threats Memo (PDF).

For any questions related to this alert or the LIDDA Responsibilities During Potential Threats memo, email