Long-Term Care Facility Winter and Extreme Freezing Weather Preparedness

HHSC reminds long-term care facilities and agencies to review and update emergency plans for freezing temperatures and snow. Emergency plans for extreme weather should include the provider’s plan to address:

  • Power loss.
  • Water and food needs.
  • Communication to families and staff.
  • Staffing shortages.
  • Sheltering in place and evacuation, as applicable.

Providers must follow emergency preparedness rules and their own internal emergency preparedness policies and procedures.

Facilities with generators should perform any maintenance or needed testing while the weather is mild. This will ensure the equipment functions in case of extreme cold or power loss.

It’s important to review building integrity and identify any areas that may need repair, reinforcement or weatherproofing. Multi-story buildings should review any other needed measures should evacuation be required and have a plan in place for how to move residents around or out of the building if there’s a loss of power.

Preparing for disaster is the most important step in protecting the Texans we serve and reducing the risk for loss of life.

Email questions to LTCRpolicy@hhs.texas.gov.