EVV Third-Party Software System Integration with HHAeXchange

Program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) who are using an Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate their third-party EVV vendor system with the HHAeXchange system must ensure they are properly using both systems when capturing and submitting EVV claims.

Program providers, FMSAs, and service providers must complete the following:

  • Use an HHSC-approved clock in and clock out method (mobile method, landline phone, or alternative device) to capture visit data.
  • Perform visit maintenance and any EVV Transaction Manager tasks in the HHAeXchange system. This includes submitting visits to the EVV Aggregator and managing rejections in the HHAeXchange Portal.
  • If scheduling in your third-party software system, do not create schedules in HHAeXchange as this will create duplicate schedules.
  • If creating and updating member authorization and service provider information in the third-party software system, do not make updates in HHAeXchange separately without consulting your vendor.
  • Complete billing and payroll tasks in the third-party software system.
    • To avoid billing issues, confirm the EVV Aggregator has accepted the visits intended to bill and the status reflects “accepted” in the HHAeXchange system.