CMS Updates Nursing Home Care Compare Staffing and Quality Measures – Form 672 to be Retired

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued QSO-23-21-NH (PDF).

The memo informs states and nursing facility (NF) providers about the following:

  • Adjustment to Staffing and Quality Measures: CMS will update the staffing level case-mix adjustment methodology and replace some of the Quality Measures (QMs) used on Nursing Home Care Compare, in order to accommodate changes to the Minimum Data Set (MDS). Also, CMS will discontinue form CMS-672 (PDF) because the section G MDS data, used to populate this form, is being eliminated.
  • Penalty for Providers That Fail to Submit Staffing Data: To incentivize providers to submit accurate staffing data, CMS will revise the staffing rating methodology so providers that fail to submit staffing data or submit erroneous data receive the lowest score possible for corresponding staffing turnover measures.

Form CMS-672 (PDF) – Resident Census and Conditions of Residents:

  • Effective Sept. 29, NFs are no longer required to complete fields (F79–F145) and surveyors are no longer required to enter this information (fields F79–93) into the survey system.
  • But the census information in fields F75–F78, the ombudsman information in fields F146 and F147, and the medication error rate (field F148) should still be completed.

On Oct. 22, the census, medication error rate, and ombudsman information fields will be relocated to form CMS-671 (PDF) (Long-term Care Facility Application for Medicare and Medicaid), and form CMS-672 will be retired.

Read the memo details (PDF).