EVV Optional Services Now Available in PCS Bill Codes Table

HHSC has published a new version of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Personal Care Services (PCS) Bill Codes Table. Version 12 is now available on the EVV webpage in Excel and PDF formats.

The new version includes Supported Employment and Transportation as EVV optional services.

EVV optional services are services which are commonly delivered in situations like EVV required services. Program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) can choose to collect EVV optional visit data and have it available in the EVV Aggregator. HHSC allows, but does not require, these services to be documented using the EVV system. EVV optional services can be selected in the HHAeXchange EVV vendor system or, if available, in the EVV proprietary system.

EVV claims matching is not performed on claims for EVV optional services. A claim submitted for an EVV optional service will not be denied if a matching EVV visit is not on file.

Currently, EVV optional services will be reflected in EVV Usage Scores, but payers will exclude those services/visits when determining compliance with the 80% threshold. The EVV Portal will be updated during the upcoming fiscal year to remove EVV optional services from the calculation for the EVV Usage Score.

For questions about EVV PCS optional services, email HHSC EVV Operations.