EVV Transition: You Must Take Action Now!

HHSC has posted the notice “Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Transition: You Must Take Action Now!” (PDF) for program providers, financial management services agencies (FMSAs) and Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employers to review.

The notice contains important dates and information related to the transition to the HHAeXchange Portal, which is the new, single and state-funded EVV system, effective Oct. 1.

Topics include:

  • Effective dates for using the HHAeXchange Portal
  • EVV claims matching bypass
  • EVV compliance grace period extended for personal care services
  • Data transfer from current EVV vendor systems (Vesta and AuthentiCare)
  • Complete visit maintenance before Dec. 22
  • HHAeXchange Technical Support contact information

For general questions about EVV, such as policy questions, email EVV staff.