HHAeXchange Third-Party EVV System Integration

The Atypical Provider Identifier (API) Interface can be used to exchange data from third-party software vendors to the new EVV vendor, HHAeXchange.

To integrate between your third-party EVV system and HHAeXchange, program providers, financial management services agencies and Managed Care Organizations can refer to the specifications listed in the HHAeXchange Web Service API Guide (PDF).  

APIs available to integrate with HHAeXchange include:

  • Service Provider (Create, Update, Search, Get)
  • Member (Create, Update, Search, Get)
  • Schedule (Create, Update, Search, Get)
  • Visit (Search, Get)
  • Authorization (Create, Update)

To begin the integration process, submit a ticket through the HHAeXchange Client Support Portal.

Email questions to HHAeXchange.