Upcoming EVV Alternative Device Policy

HHSC is updating the current alternative device policy for program providers and FMSAs, who use the new State EVV vendor HHAeXchange as their EVV system. 

HHSC is releasing information about changes to the alternative device policy prior to the effective date of the policy, as well as the revision of the handbook to allow program providers and FMSAs to start planning on changes to the clock-in and clock-out methods that their attendants and CDS employees will use.

The updated policy limits the number of alternative devices program providers or FMSAs will be able to order and assign to their members to 7.5% of the program provider’s or FMSA’s census (rounded to the nearest whole number). Program providers and FMSAs whose census results in 7.5% being less than one alternative device will be able to order and assign one alternative device.

The census data will be reviewed periodically to determine if an adjustment to the percentage of alternative devices available to each program provider and FMSA is needed.

At this time, HHSC’s policy will not limit the number of alternative devices available for program providers and FMSAs who are proprietary system operators.

Email questions to HHSC EVV Operations.