Nurse Aide and Med Aide TULIP Transition Grace Period

Nurse Aides (NAs) and Medication Aides (MAs) are now required to use the new credentialing system in the Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal (TULIP) for certification or permitting activities.

However, HHSC is extending a grace period for all NAs and MAs to allow users time to learn and understand the new credentialing system. Therefore, all NAs and MAs with certifications or permits active on June 16, 2023, will be considered active until Oct. 31, 2023.

All NAs and MAs who submitted renewals via the existing paper and email process on or before July 5, 2023 (date the new credentialing system went live in TULIP), will be processed based on that submission date. All other NAs and MAs should submit a renewal application in TULIP.

For Nurse Aide questions, email

For Med Aide questions, email