HHSC Seeking DBMD Providers in Regions 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11

Texas HHSC is accepting applications from all providers to contract to provide Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities (DBMD) Medicaid waiver program services. The DBMD program provides home and community-based services to people who are deafblind with multiple disabilities and is a cost-effective alternative to institutional placement. The program focuses on increasing opportunities for people to communicate and interact with their environment and community.

HHSC encourages current DBMD providers and other qualified providers to apply to become a DBMD provider in one or more of the following service regions:

  • Region 1, High Plains
  • Region 2, Northwest Texas
  • Region 4, Upper East Texas
  • Region 8, Upper South Texas
  • Region 9, West Texas
  • Region 10, Upper Rio Grande
  • Region 11, Lower South Texas

Access a list of the counties in each region here (PDF). New contracts for DBMD providers must serve all counties within the region.

Under 40 Texas Administrative Code, Section §49.205, a qualified DBMD provider must have a current Home and Community Support Services Agency license. HHSC must have issued the license under 26 TAC Chapter 558 (relating to Licensing Standards for Home and Community Support Services Agencies) with either the Licensed Home Health Services category or the Licensed and Certified Home Health Services category.

Also, any home operated by a qualified DBMD provider that delivers residential services to four to six people must have a current Assisted Living Facility license — Type A or Type B. The license must be issued by HHSC under 26 TAC Chapter 553, which relates to Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities.

Visit the DBMD provider webpage for information about DBMD services. DBMD providers must provide all the services, including residential.

Visit the Provider Finance Department DBMD webpage for information about payment rates for DBMD services.

If you are interested in becoming a DBMD provider, visit the How to Become a DBMD Provider webpage.