Next Steps and Timeline for Transition to New Electronic Visit Verification Vendor System

HHSC has posted the next steps and timeline to transition to the new, single and state-funded Electronic Visit Verification vendor system, the HHAeXchange Portal.

As stated in the EVV notice posted on May 5, users of the current EVV vendor systems (DataLogic/Vesta or First Data/AuthentiCare) must transition to HHAeXchange or receive approval as an EVV Proprietary System Operator by Oct. 1, 2023.

The following topics are listed in the notice, “Next Steps and Timeline for Transition to HHAeXchange” (PDF):

  • EVV requirement
  • Transition to HHAeXchange by Oct. 1, 2023
  • Proprietary systems
  • HHAeXchange Information Sessions
  • HHAeXchange Provider Onboarding Form
  • EVV Policy updates
  • HHAeXchange System Training
  • Access to the HHAeXchange Portal
  • Contact information and other resources