HHSC Requires Information from NF Providers: Federal Temporary Nurse Aide Waiver Ends May 11

The federal waiver allowing temporary nurse aides to work longer than four months without certification ends May 11. This means all TNAs hired before May 11 must be certified by Sept. 10. All TNAs hired on or after May 11 will have four months from the date of hire to become certified.

HHSC Long-term Care Regulation requires all nursing facilities and skilled nursing facilities to complete this important short survey by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 5, on their:

  • Certified nurse aides.
  • TNAs who will not be certified by May 11.
  • TNAs who have not registered for the certification exam.

The survey also requires acknowledgment that all TNAs hired before May 11, and are not certified by Sept. 10, will need to be removed from performing all CNA tasks by Sept. 10.

The survey will also be sent out via the Blackboard Connect Emergency Communication System. Texas Administrative Code Section 554.1914(g) requires that an NF must respond to requests for information received through the system in the format established by HHSC. The NF administrator and director of nurses must be enrolled in the system.

See Provider Letter 2022-32 (PDF) for information on how to enroll in the system.

Email questions to LTCR Policy.