Online Invoice Payment Security Enhancements

A security enhancement was implemented by Texas.Gov on February 12, 2023, incorporating Card Verification Value (CVV) Security Code and ZIP/Postal Code verification for all credit card transactions.

When paying CCR invoices online by credit card, you must enter information that matches what is on file with the issuing bank for the credit card being used, including the billing address and CVV security code located on the back of the card.

If a payment is submitted by credit card with an incorrect CVV security code or billing address, an error message will display on the payment screen indicating the payment could not be processed. A hold for the amount paid will be placed on the card temporarily until the transaction is voided and the hold is removed by the bank.

View the Online Fees tutorial video for more information on the CCR online fee payment process.

Please contact your assigned Child Care Regulation Monitoring Inspector if you have any questions or continue to experience issues.