Informal Comments on Proposed Rules for ALF Due March 8

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is accepting informal comments from stakeholders on the following proposed rule — Title 26 Chapter 553, Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities — which is now available on the HHSC Rules Coordination Office webpage.

Once there, scroll down and click on the link labeled Title 26, Chapter 553, concerning Assisted Living Facilities Reorganization.

The informal comment period ends March 8, 2023. HHSC proposes re-organization of specific sections and amendments to certain rules to add clarity and to better reflect the current population served in assisted living facilities.

HHSC has included a crosswalk at the beginning of the draft rules that provides additional information on the revised sections. Sections of Chapter 553 without revisions are not included in this draft. New or renumbered sections have notes on the crosswalk that indicate the major edits to that section. All edits are clearly marked in the draft rules sections that are not new and retain the current section numbers.