EVV Personal Care Services Bill Codes Updates for STAR+PLUS, STAR Kids, STAR Health, HCS and TxHmL

A new version of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Personal Care Services Bill Codes table is available in Excel and PDF formats on the EVV web page. The updates are for the following programs:

  • STAR Kids
  • STAR Health
  • Home and Community-based Services
  • Texas Home Living

STAR+PLUS, STAR Kids and STAR Health Updates

The STAR+PLUS and STAR Kids Long-term Services and Supports Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes, modifiers and unit types for EVV-required services were updated. The updates also impact STAR Health because the STAR Kids LTSS billing matrix is used for some STAR Health services. The updates are effective Dec. 1.

Program providers and financial management services agencies that are contracted with managed care organizations must complete the five steps listed in the document, STAR+PLUS, STAR Kids and STAR Health LTSS Billing Matrix and Service Authorization Updates for EVV-required services (PDF). This is to help avoid visit transaction rejections and EVV claim mismatches and denials.

Contact your MCO for questions about these updates. You can refer to the last page of the EVV contact guide (PDF) for MCO contact information.

HCS and TxHmL Updates

The effective dates were updated for HCS and TxHmL services.

Refer to the bill codes table's revision history dated Dec. 1, 2022, for more information.

For questions, email EVV Operations.