Timely Submission of IPC Renewals

HHSC reminds HCS and TxHmL providers and local intellectual and developmental disability authorities (LIDDAs) to submit individual plan of care (IPC) renewals for individuals enrolled in the HCS and TxHmL waiver programs as early as program rules allow.

For HCS, renewal IPCs must be submitted at least 30, but no more than 60, calendar days before the current IPC end date. TxHmL program providers and LIDDAs are encouraged to use the same timeframe for submission of TxHmL renewal IPCs. Failure to do so can result in delays in processing and service authorization approval.

Important note for individuals transferring:

For a transfer involving two LIDDAs, the individual movement local authority reassignment form must be submitted and processed (status Processed/Complete or PCS Processed/Complete) prior to submission of the transfer IPC.

Guidance on HCS and TxHmL IPC submissions:


For policy questions, email your program policy inbox: HCS Policy or TxHmL Policy.

For issues encountered while submitting the IPC on the TMHP Long-Term Care Online Portal, please contact TMHP at 800-626-4117.