Implementation of Streamlining Regulation at Residential Child Care Operations on Heightened Monitoring

Effective Oct. 1, 2022, Child Care Regulation (CCR) is streamlining regulatory oversight of operations on Heightened Monitoring (HM) by making the CCR HM inspector the single, primary assigned inspector for the operation.

Residential Child Care Regulation (RCCR) inspectors will continue to conduct investigations alleging violation of minimum standards at operations, but the HM inspector will conduct all other regulatory activities in addition to HM duties at the operation. Once an operation is released from HM, regulation transfers back to an RCCR inspector.

This plan will allow operations on HM to have a single point of contact with CCR and fewer inspections overall because HM inspectors will be able to conduct routine regulatory activities and HM activities during one inspection.

These efforts are designed to improve consistency and efficiency in the regulatory process. CCR remains committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of children through quality oversight and process improvements.

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