HHSC Adopts Background Check Rules for Small Employer-Based Child Care and Temporary Shelter Care Operations

HHSC adopted rules in Chapter 745, Subchapter F, Background Checks. The rules are effective July 26.

Visit the Child Care Regulation Minimum Standards webpage (under Background Checks) to review:

  • Highlighted copies of the adopted rules that show the changes from previous rules.
  • Updated courtesy publication (Display of July 2022 Changes for Background Checks).

Applicable persons at these operations will be required to have a fingerprint-based criminal history check and out-of-state check beginning July 26. Individual notifications will be sent to impacted operations and persons with a deadline for the operation to submit a background check and the person to submit fingerprints.

Impacted persons with a prior eligibility determination that allows the person to be present at the operation may continue to be present at the operation pending the submission of a new background check, the submission of fingerprints and a new eligibility determination.

No comments were received on the proposed rules. The adoption of these rules was published in the July 22 issue of the Texas Register.