CIMS Launches for FFS Waiver Providers on July 25

July 21, 2022

HHSC announces the new Critical Incident Management System will launch on July 25. CIMS is a statewide tool for reporting critical incidents. See IL 2022-23 for more information about CIMS.

This applies to:

  • Community Living Assistance and Support Services providers
  • Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities providers
  • CLASS case management agencies
  • Home and Community-based Services providers
  • Texas Home Living providers
  • Local intellectual and developmental disability authorities

On July 25, FEI Systems, HHSC’s contractor, will send an email to all provider administrators with instructions about how to complete registration in CIMS. The email will also include a link to mandatory CIMS online training that every user will be required to complete. Once registration and training are complete, provider administrators can begin adding new users to their account and entering critical incidents into CIMS.

All providers must begin entering critical incidents into CIMS no later than Nov. 1.
Providers are required to use current systems for entering critical incidents until they have completed CIMS registration and training and begin entering critical incidents into CIMS.

Email questions to the MCS-CIMS inbox.