HHSC Adopts New Rules for the Care of Unlawfully Present Individuals in Licensed General Residential Operations

HHSC adopted rules in:

  • Chapter 745, Licensing.
  • Chapter 748, Minimum Standards for General Residential Operations.

The rules are effective July 8, 2022.

Go to the Child Care Regulation Minimum Standards webpage to review:

  • Revision memo summarizing Chapter 748 rule changes.
  • Highlighted copies of the adopted rules that show the changes from previous rules (display of July 2022 changes for Chapters 745 and 748).
  • Updated minimum standards courtesy publication for Chapter 748.

CCR will not provide a technical assistance period for these rules.

No comments were received on the proposed rules. The adoption of these rules will be published in the July 22, 2022, issue of the Texas Register.