HHSC Adopts New Child Care Rules for Tummy Time Supervision in Child-Care Homes

HHSC adopted rules in:

  • Chapter 742, Minimum Standards for Listed Family Homes
  • Chapter 747, Minimum Standards for Child-Care Homes

The rules are effective June 13.

Visit the Child Care Regulation Minimum Standards webpage to review:

  • Revision Memos that summarize the rule changes;
  • Highlighted copies of the adopted rules that show the new rules; and
  • Updated minimum standards courtesy publications.

CCR will provide technical assistance for the first six months the rules are in effect, from June 13 through Dec. 13.

Visit the Texas Register to review a summary of comments HHSC received during the formal public comment period and HHSC’s response to the public comments, including whether HHSC made any changes to the rules.