Vesta Windows Ends Aug. 31

Program providers, Financial Management Services Agencies and Consumer Directed Services employers using DataLogic Vesta Windows must start upgrading to Vesta Web. Due to Microsoft ending its technical support that Vesta Windows needs, DataLogic will stop using Vesta Windows beginning Sept. 1.

This applies to:

  • Electronic Visit Verification Only.
  • Third-Party Interface.
  • Vesta Complete.

You must:

  • Email the Vesta Web Upgrade inbox to receive Vesta Web Upgrade information.
  • Complete Vesta Web training.
  • Review the Vesta Web Transition Guide under Publications on the Home tab in Vesta Windows.

DataLogic Vesta’s notice, “Update: Vesta Windows End of Support Has Changed to: August 31, 2022,” has more information about this transition.

Email questions to TMHP.