NFs, NATCEPs Needed to Serve as Nurse Aide Testing Sites

May 5, 2022

HHSC Long-term Care Regulation is seeking more nursing facilities to serve as Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program testing sites. Current NATCEPs that are not testing sites are urged to become testing sites.

With the pending expiration of the COVID-19 nurse aide waiver, many temporary nurse aides (those without certification) will want to use work and training gained during the public health emergency to count towards certification. More testing sites are needed to handle the potential volume.

Becoming a testing site will help you recruit new nurse aides to your nursing facility or new students to your training program.

If interested in becoming a NATCEP testing site, email the Prometric inbox.

See Provider Letter 2021-19 for information on the certification process for nurse aides training and working under the waiver.