EVV Visit Maintenance Unlock Request Template Update, New Job Aids

May 4, 2022

HHSC updated the Electronic Visit Verification Visit Maintenance Unlock Request instructions and templates on the EVV webpage. VMUR job aids were also published.

Updates to VMUR Instructions and Templates

A new option is now available in the Incorrect Data Element drop-down list.

"N/A - Export Only" was added to address situations where visit maintenance needs to be unlocked so that verified and validated visits can be exported to the EVV Aggregator. This information was also added to the VMUR instructions.

Program providers, Financial Management Services Agencies and Consumer Directed Services employers must always download a new copy of the VMUR templates when requesting to unlock an EVV visit. This is to make sure current versions are used.

VMUR Job Aids

The EVV VMUR Job Aid for Program Providers and FMSAs (PDF) and EVV VMUR Job Aid for CDS Employers (PDF) are now available on the EVV webpage.

The job aids include information on the VMUR process, including examples of the most common VMURs.

Email questions to your payer, HHSC or your managed care organization.