HHSC Offers Help with TULIP for Initial NFA Applicants

HHSC is implementing a new credentialing system for nursing facility administrators in the Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal.

HHSC requests all initial applicants having issues with the application process in TULIP email the NFA Licensing Program to request help from HHSC staff to navigate through the system. This is due to limited functionality in TULIP. It will allow applicants to continue to work through the process without having to wait until the system is fully functional.

HHSC is providing a grace period of 60 days for certain renewals. All nursing facility administrator licenses active on Feb. 11, 2022 are considered active until 60-days following full implementation of the new system. HHSC will send out a notice once the system is fully implemented. This will allow all NFAs to submit renewals and associated documents through the new credentialing system.

Refer to Provider Letter 2022-20 as documentation of the grace period.