Advance Notice: COVID-19 Flexibility for CLASS and DBMD Case Managers will End when PHE Ends

During the COVID-19 pandemic, flexibilities were put in place. These allowed case managers in the Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities and Community Living Assistance and Support Services Programs to use the following technologies to conduct case management visits:

  • The phone (audio-only)
  • Telehealth (synchronous audio-visual technology)
  • Telemedicine (synchronous audio-visual technology)

This temporary flexibility will end when the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends for quarterly case management visits. At that time, quarterly case management visits will be required to be conducted in person in accordance with permanent policies.

The current flexibilities will remain in place through the end of the COVID-19 PHE. HHSC is notifying providers now so they can prepare to resume in-person activities as soon as the COVID-19 PHE ends. HHSC will notify providers of the date when the COVID-19 PHE ends as soon as the federal government determines the end date.

Although the flexibility is ending for quarterly case management visits, other case management visits may still be conducted using  the previously mentioned technologies per permanent policies.

Email one of the below policy mailboxes if you have any questions about this flexibility: