Critical Incident Management System Contact Information for HCS Program Providers, TxHmL Program Providers and LIDDAs

March 31, 2022

HHSC will install a new a statewide CIMS for reporting critical incidents in certain Medicaid waiver programs. This includes the Home and Community-based Services and Texas Home Living programs. There is short timeline for implementation of the CIMS system. So, HHSC is preparing waiver providers’ organization and contract information for affected programs. FEI Systems will upload these into the CIMS before go-live. HHSC gives the owner or staff identified in the contract administrative rights in the CIMS to update, change, and give staff access to their waiver providers’ information.

HHSC wants Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authorities, HCS, and TxHmL providers to review their contract information in the Client Assignment and Registration system. They need to determine if the point of contact listed in CARE is the person each waiver program provider or LIDDA wants designated as the initial CIMS user for their organization. FEI Systems need the name, email address and phone number of each point of contact to create the user account. The user’s email is used for log-in purposes.

LIDDAs, HCS, and TxHmL program providers must verify information in CARE and email any corrections to LTSS_Policy by April 8.