Critical Incident Management System Contact Information for CLASS and DBMD Providers

March 31, 2022

HHSC is installing a new a statewide CIMS. It is for reporting critical incidents in certain Medicaid waiver programs, including the CLASS and Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities programs. HHSC is preparing waiver providers’ organization and contract information for affected programs. FEI Systems will upload these into the CIMS system before go-live. HHSC will give the owner or staff identified in the contract administrative rights in the CIMS to update, change, and give more staff access to their waiver providers’ information.

The CLASS-DSA and DBMD waiver program providers and CLASS CMAs send an email to LTSS_Policy if they want a different CIMS administrator than their organizations current point of contact for the Medicaid provider contract.

If a provider does not know the point of contact for the Medicaid provider contract, they should send an email to LTSS Policy. They must include the Tax ID number and program contract number. HHSC will return the point of contact for the organization with the matching TIN and contract ID number.

If the CLASS or DBMD waiver program provider wants to choose a different contact person for CIMS, they must provide the person’s name, phone and email to HHSC using the LTSS Policy mailbox.

CLASS and DBMD waiver services providers and CLASS CMAs must send any needed corrections about the contact people HHSC identified above by April 8.