Informal Public Comment Period for Proposed Chapters 744, 746 and 747 Rules

Child Care Regulation invites you to review and provide comments on the potential rule changes in:

  • Chapter 744, Minimum Standards for School-Age and Before or After-School Programs
  • Chapter 746, Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers
  • Chapter 747, Minimum Standards for Child-Care Homes

The rule changes will update minimum standards per the comprehensive reviews required by Sec. 42.042 of the Texas Human Resources Code.

This is an informal opportunity to provide comment on the drafted rules early in the rule development process. You will have another opportunity to comment once the rules are proposed and published in the Texas Register.

The informal comment period for this rule project is March 22 through April 5, 2022.

Send your comments on the potential rule changes by April 5, to Child Care Regulation by one of these two methods:

  • E-mail to: HHS Child Care Regulation Rules
  • Mail to: Aimee Belden, Rules Writer (21R157, 21R158, or 21R159), Child Care Regulation, Texas Health and Human Services Commission E-550, P.O. Box 149030, Austin, Texas 78714-9030.

Include the rule number(s) you are commenting on. This will help us understand and appropriately consider your comment.

Visit the HHSC website for more information about the HHSC rulemaking process and tips for submitting comments.