TULIP Issue Affects CHOWs Related to QIPP

February 9, 2022

The deadline for nursing facilities to submit a Change of Ownership about the Fiscal Year 2023 Quality Incentive Payment Program is Feb. 14, 2022. The incoming owner for the nursing facility must submit the CHOW application through the Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal. Currently, there is an issue with TULIP where a CHOW application cannot be submitted for nursing facilities that already completed a CHOW. HHSC is working on correcting the issue with TULIP. However, if a nursing facility encounters this issue or any other issues about submitting a CHOW for QIPP, the incoming owner should:

  • Email TULIP Support and CC the Long-term Care Regulation Licensing Director, Stephanie Allred.
  • The subject line on the email should begin with the following, “NF CHOW related to QIPP”.
  • The email should include the following:
    • Nursing Facility - Name
    • Nursing Facility - Facility ID
    • Current licensed legal entity
    • Incoming legal entity to be licensed
    • TULIP issues encountered, including screenshots if needed

The date of the email received will be used to meet the requirement to submit a CHOW application about QIPP by Feb. 14, 2022. More communication will be sent once the TULIP issue is corrected.