Reminder: COVID-19 Reporting Requirements for Child Day Care Providers

January 26, 2022

Child care providers are required to report positive COVID-19 cases within 48 hours of being notified a child or employee at your operation tested positive for COVID-19. You must report to:

  • Your local health authority about the presence of COVID-19 in your facility. Your local health authority will advise you on operational procedures. DSHS has established a listing of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Local Health Entities. This list identifies the local health authority or Public Health Regional Office for each county.
  • Child Care Regulation. Contact your licensing inspector or the local CCR office. You may also contact the DC Minimum Standards Mailbox, if you do not have your inspector’s contact information. Reports received after hours may be made via Statewide Intake online.
  • All parents of children in the child care operation. Coordinate with local health officials to notify all parents in writing. Align this communication with the communication plan in your center’s operational policies. You must maintain confidentiality of the child or employee.

Reporting Requirements in Minimum Standards

These reporting requirements are outlined in:

  • 26 TAC §744.305(a)(3) and §744.307(c) for School Age/Before and After-School Programs
  • 26 TAC §746.305(a)(3) and §746.307(c) for Centers
  • 26 TAC §747.303(a)(3) and §747.305(c) for Child Care Homes