HHSC Adopts Amendments About Administrator Licenses

January 24, 2022

HHSC adopted rules in Chapter 745, Licensing, about alternative administrator licenses for military members, spouses, and veterans. The rules are effective Jan. 23, 2022.

The amended rules update the current requirements for a military member, spouse, or veteran that applies for an administrator's license for a general residential operation, child-placing agency or both. The updates include requirements for a situation when a military spouse with an equal license in another state seeks to act as an administrator without obtaining an administrator’s license.

  • Section 745.9025 expands the definition of “military member” in the armed forces to include members of the space force.
  • Section 745.9026 clarifies that:
    • A military member, spouse, or veteran must receive credit for any training, education, or experience that meets a requirement for an administrator’s license.
    • Licensing will waive the application and examination fee for a military spouse, member, or veteran who holds an equivalent license in another state.
  • Section 745.9030 requires a military spouse submit a copy of the military member’s permanent change of station order to establish residency when the military spouse has a license in another state and is seeking to act as an administrator without obtaining an administrator’s license.

Other amendments are to Sections 745.8913, 745.8933,745.9026, 745.9027 and 745.9030. These improve the readability and understanding of the rules, including adding citations and updating titles.

Review the adopted rules and a display of the changes on the Minimum Standards webpage under General Licensing.