Reminder that Timely Renewal of Facility Licensure Required

November 23, 2021

HHSC published a revised copy of Provider Letter 2021-29 (replaces PL 2020-21 and 2020-26) - End of Temporary Suspension of Certain LTCR Requirements During COVID-19 Outbreak (PDF) on September 14, 2021. The letter described the rule suspensions that ended, including the license submission and processing timelines flexibility.

The Suspension of License Application and Renewal Timeline Requirements flexibility expired on October 3, 2021. For licenses that expired before October 3, 2021, the renewal application must be submitted by January 2, 2022. Any license that expires on or after October 3, 2021 must be renewed according to the licensure application timelines and requirements as applicable to the facility type.

Failure to submit a licensure application timely could result in the closure of CMS certifications and suspension of services and activities that require a license. A provider who fails to submit a timely renewal application may need to apply for an initial license to obtain compliance with licensure regulations.