EVV Visit Maintenance Unlock Request Updates

November 23, 2021

HHSC published EVV Visit Maintenance Unlock Request spreadsheet updates. These updates let the user request corrections to data element(s) on an EVV visit transaction(s) after the visit maintenance time frame has expired. Program providers, Financial Management Services Agencies and Consumer Directed Services employers must use the request spreadsheets found on the EVV webpage.

The updates to the program provider and FMSA Request (Excel) include:

  • New fields
  • Added drop-down lists to applicable fields
  • Updated and simplified field headers
  • Revised instructions to:
    • Reflect EVV policy updates
    • List detailed steps and notes to complete the Request

The new Request for Consumer Directed Services employers (Excel) include:

  • A new request spreadsheet for CDS employers who selected Option 1 on Form 1722, Employer’s Selection for EVV Responsibilities, to complete visit maintenance. This includes:
    • Drop-down lists for applicable fields
    • Sections for CDS employers and payers to complete
  • Instructions reflect:
    • EVV policy updates
    • Detailed steps and notes to complete the request

    Review the instructions on the spreadsheets for more information.

    Email questions to your payer, either HHSC or a managed care organization.