HHSC Publishes Requirements for Certain COVID-19 Flexibilities Expiring for CAS, PHC and FC Providers (IL 2021-38)

November 23, 2021

HHSC has published IL 2021-38 Certain COVID-19 Flexibilities Expiring for Community Attendant Services, Family Care and Primary Home Care Providers (PDF). This letter gives notice that two emergency amendments expire on Aug.22, 2021. These emergency amendments are Section 47.65, Supervisory Visits and Section 47.25, Attendant Orientation.

Certain Flexibilities outlined in IL 20-16 (PDF) supported these emergency rules. They were effective since March 16, 2020 and are not allowed once the emergency rules expire.

Beginning Aug. 23, 2021 providers cannot suspend face to face supervisory visits as described in IL 20-16. Providers will need to follow 40 Texas Administrative Code, Section 47.65(a). It relates to supervisory visits for annual reassessments. Providers must follow the stipulations set forth in 40 TAC Section 47.25(b), relating to attendant orientation.

Attendant orientations won’t be allowed whether:

  • By phone or videoconferencing
  • At the discretion of the supervisor
  • At any location
  • With or without the participation of the individual

Email questions to CCADPolicy@hhsc.state.tx.us.