CMS to End Four NF COVID-19 Waivers May 10 - Clarifies CNA Waiver

March 9, 2022

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued the Quality Safety & Oversight Memo QSO-21-17-NH (PDF). The memo announces that the following COVID-19 related NF emergency blanket waivers will end effective May 10, 2021. These emergency blanket waivers are:

  • Related to notification of Resident Room or Roommate changes, and Transfer and Discharge notification requirements.
  • For certain care planning requirements for residents transferred or discharged for cohorting purposes.
  • Of the timeframe requirements for completing and transmitting resident assessment information (Minimum Data Set).

The memo clarifies that the Certified Nurse Aide waiver is not being terminated now. CNAs will have the four-month period, starting from the end of the blanket waiver, to complete the required training and certification, regardless of the amount of time worked during the time the waiver was in effect.