EVV Claims Matching Update for CLASS CFC PAS/HAB

November 23, 2021

On Jan. 1, 2021, Community Living Assistance and Support Services direct service agencies and financial management services agencies submitting claims for Community First Choice Personal Attendant Services/Habilitation services must ensure an Electronic Visit Verification visit transaction that supports the claim is accepted into the EVV Portal before the claim is submitted, or the claim will be denied.

As a reminder, HHSC extended the EVV practice period through Dec. 31. During the practice period, claims for CFC PAS/HAB services receive informational-only claims matching results and are not denied for EVV.

DSAs and FMSAs can follow the Best Practices to Avoid EVV Claim Mismatches (PDF) to ensure a claim is entered correctly and not denied for EVV when the practice period ends.

Email questions to HHSC EVV.