Update on DataLogic Vesta EVV System Outage for Dec. 10

November 23, 2021

Major components of Vesta EVV have been restored. Visit the Vesta EVV website for additional information. Frequently asked questions will be published soon to assist Vesta users with impacts from the outage.

Vesta users can review the TMHP article DataLogic’s Vesta EVV System Outage Impacts for updates about the impact to claims submission and the EVV Portal. The TMHP article will continue to be updated as more information is available.

HHSC Guidance

DataLogic, TMHP and HHSC continue to evaluate the business impacts for EVV visits that occurred between Dec. 5, 2020 and Dec. 10, 2020, during the Vesta EVV system outage. Further guidance will be provided on how program providers, FMSAs, and CDS employers should handle visits that occurred during the outage that may not be recorded in the Vesta EVV system or that require visit maintenance to be performed.

HHSC recommends program providers, FMSAs, and CDS employers focus their efforts on upcoming visits in the Vesta EVV system until this additional guidance is provided.