HHSC Publishes Institutional Claim, Attending Provider’s NPI (IL 2021-56)

December 6, 2021

HHSC published the IL 2021-56 Institutional Claim, Attending Provider’s NPI. This reviews changes to the Long-Term Care Institutional Claims. Changes include:

  • An Institutional Claim-Provider Tab.
  • Inserted edits to the Institutional Claim-Details Tab in the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership claim submission portal, TexMedConnect, and claims management system.
  • Edits to ensure attending provider national provider identifier does not match the billing provider NPI.

Providers must enter valid attending provider NPI and names on the claims submitted to prevent rejection. Enter the attending provider’s name into the attending provider fields. Claims will be rejected if abbreviations or facility NPI or name are entered.

Email questions to ICFIID.