HHS Website Redesign Improves User Experience

November 23, 2021

Texas Health and Human Services has updated our website to improve how users search and navigate content. These changes will help connect Texans to services and information with ease.

HHS Web Services, a department of the HHS Office of Communications, studied user data, reviewed user surveys and researched best practices to enhance the website to best serve Texans.

These enhancements include:

  • Homepage content — A new streamlined HHS homepage welcomes visitors and helps them easily find what they need on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Site searches — Six new search pages are available for the most-viewed categories — “Services,” “Providers,” “About,” “News,” “Business” and “Regulations” — to help users quickly find exactly what they need. Additionally, a variety of new filters help narrow search results by category, topic and year.
  • Page width — A wider desktop view displays more content and reduces scrolling.
  • Fewer expandable lists — Previous lists that expanded to reveal additional content were not fully accessible and searchable. By limiting these expandable lists to only FAQs and directories, search engines will be able to search more text for results, and users can simply scroll a page without needing to click to reveal content.
  • Desktop and mobile menu — Menus only display links to webpages within the section of the site that the user is currently viewing.
  • Mobile navigation — With new collapsible menus, mobile users don’t have to scroll past long menus to get to page content.

If you find pages or links that are not working on this site, email us. Please make sure to include the link of the page that you are having trouble with.