Revision Notice 21-1, Effective January 1, 2021


Archived Revision 20-4; Effective October 1, 2020
Archived Revision 20-3; Effective July 1, 2020
Archived Revision 20-2; Effective April 1, 2020
Archived Revision 20-1; Effective January 1, 2020



The following sections were revised in the Texas Works Handbook:

Sections Section Title Change
A-170 Authorized Representatives (AR) Incorporates MEPD and Texas Works Bulletin #18-8, 3. Authorized Representatives (AR) Correspondence, released Sept. 6, 2018. Updates policy to indicate who correspondence is sent to when a person has an authorized representative (AR) or legal guardian with the same or different mailing address.
A-341 SNAP Alien Status Eligibility Charts Corrects listing error in Chart C. (SNAP)
Failure to Cooperate with Attendance; Eligibility Requirements; Dependent child Adds clarifying language to indicate that a child who will not graduate until after the month of their 19th birthday is not considered a dependent child after the month of their 18th birthday. (Medical Programs and TANF)
A-821.2 Managed Care Removes people 20 or younger who receive SSI and do not reside in a facility from the list of exempt special populations who are subject to mandatory enrollment in managed care. (Medical Programs)
A-840 TOC
Staff Action on the Fourth Month Medicaid Report; Staff Action on the Seventh and Tenth Month Medicaid Reports; Changes Affecting Transitional Medicaid EDGs; General Eligibility Information Adds requirement to test household members certified for transitional Medicaid for TP 40 eligibility if they report a pregnancy. (TP 07 and TP 20)
A-940 Verification Requirements Corrects erroneous information or cross-references. (TANF, TP 08 and TA 31)
Verification Sources; Verification Sources Clarifies and aligns the income and resource verification sources for Texas Works programs. (SNAP, TANF, TP 32 and TP 56)
A-1300 TOC
A-1326.16 (reserved)
Welfare-to-work Income Reserves section for future use which removes obsolete income source. (All Programs)
A-1361 Alien Sponsor’s Income Corrects policy to indicate that when determining eligibility for Children’s Medicaid for a child whose parent is a sponsored alien and required member of the budget group, do not count the income of the parent’s sponsor. (TP 43, TP 44, TP 48)
A-1428.1 Allowable Medical Expenses Clarifies the definition of herbal products and provides examples. Adds medical marijuana to the list of unallowable medical deductions. (SNAP)
Student Eligibility Requirements; Disqualifying a Household Member with a Current SNAP Out-of-State IPV Disqualification Corrects listing formatting errors in the charts. (SNAP)
Current TANF State Time Limit County Hardship List; Previous TANF State Time Limit County Hardship Lists Updates the TANF State Time Limit County Hardship Lists to reflect the current quarter and last three previous quarterly dates. Adds Cameron, Crane, Duval, Ector, Hidalgo, Jasper, Jefferson, Jim Wells, Newton, Orange, Presidio, Sabine, San Patricio, Willacy, Yoakum, and Zapata counties to the TANF State Time Limit Hardship County List. The list is updated every three months as needed. (TANF)
C-825.15.1 (delete)
Texas Lottery Winnings; Texas Lottery Commission Corrects erroneous information or cross-references. (All Programs)


Retired Bulletins

The following bulletins are deleted from the Texas Works Handbook since the information has either been incorporated into the handbook or is no longer necessary:

Release Date Bulletin Number Title
09-10-19 19-08

1. Revised SNAP Income Limits, Deductions, and Allotments
2. Revised TANF Maximum Grant Amounts
3. Public Benefit Integrity Unit Messages in Data Broker
4. Quality Control Sanctions in Data Broker

Attachment – SNAP Allotment Chart

02-20-19 19-03 Federal Government Shutdown Update
01-14-09 19-01 Federal Government Shutdown Information
10-08-12 13-02

1. Name and Funding Source Change for the Women’s Health Program (WHP)
2. Texas Health Steps Informing Materials
3. Health Care Orientation
4. Correction to Texas Works Handbook October 2012 Quarterly Revision