Education, Training, and Experience

All independent living trainers must

  • have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in rehabilitation, education, psychology, sociology, or related field supplemented with
    • one year work experience in rehabilitation teaching, rehabilitation, or education of people with disabilities, or
    • two years' work experience in general education or other related field; and
  • participate in a presentation of written scenarios and/or hands-on demonstration of skills in providing independent living skills training, preferably with experience in "hands-on" individual training to people who are elderly or who have visual disabilities and/or other disabilities.


Provider Authorization

Services must not begin until DBS has issued a service authorization and/or purchase order.

Providers must have written authorization from DBS before the provider's employee provides services to DBS consumers. No service will be paid if the service is provided before DBS written authorization is received.

For additional information, seeChapter 1: Basic Standards, 1.6.4 Additional Requirements/Documenting Staff Changes of this manual and Chapter 4: Service Delivery Guidelines, 4.2 Staff Information Sheets.