Revision 10-3; Effective September 1, 2010


The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 mandates that HHSC provide the applicant or recipient with an opportunity to register to vote at application, redetermination or when reporting a change of address. Staff must provide all applicants or recipients with an opportunity to register to vote, if the person desires to do so. Staff must:

  • help the applicant or recipient complete Form H0025, HHSC Application for Voter Registration; or
  • provide Form H0025 to the person to complete at home.

The applicant or recipient may choose to:

  • return the completed form to HHSC staff to forward to the local voter registrar; or
  • leave the completed form with HHSC staff.

At the person's request, HHSC staff will provide the same degree of assistance, including bilingual assistance, in completing Form H0025 as provided for the completion of other HHSC forms.

Document in the Agency Use Only section of the application or recertification form any actions taken regarding voter registration.

HHSC staff will not make a determination about the person's eligibility to vote. However, HHSC staff will not be required to offer the opportunity to register to vote to those applicants and recipients who:

  • indicate on the application that they are not U.S. citizens; or
  • are not of voter registration age (that is, under age 17 years and 10 months), as identified by case record information.

HHSC is prohibited from influencing a person's political preference or party registration, displaying any political preference or party affiliation, or making any statement to a person, the purpose or effect of which is to discourage a person from registering to vote.

If the person has any questions regarding the voter registration process that cannot be answered, give the person the Secretary of State's toll-free number at 1-800-252-8683 or the telephone number of the local county voter registrar.

If a person files a completed mail-in voter registration application during a face-to-face interview, an appropriate HHSC employee will review it for completeness in the presence of the person. If the mail-in voter registration application does not contain all the required information and\or the required signature, the HHSC employee will return the application to the person for completion.

HHSC staff will transmit the completed Form H0025 to the local office liaison who will forward it to the appropriate county voter registrar within five days of receipt.

Do not pend, delay or deny benefits:

  • if the person fails or refuses to complete the voter registration information on any form; or
  • when Form H0025 or Form H1350, Opportunity to Register to Vote, is given to the applicant or recipient, the authorized representative or representative payee for completion; or
  • when Form H0025 or Form H1350 is mailed to the applicant or recipient for completion.


Change of Address Reported

In the office

Share the mail-in Form H0025 with the person. If the person declines to register to vote, ask the person to sign Form H1350. File Form H1350 in the case record when returned, and retain the form for 22 months.


Via a formal report of change form

Form H0025 will be mailed to the applicant or recipient at the new address. If the person contacts the local office to decline the opportunity to register to vote after receipt of Form H0025, mail Form H1350 to obtain the person's signature. File Form H1350 in the case record when the person returns the form, and retain the form for 22 months.


  • This does not apply to Form H3618-A, Resident Transaction Notice for Designated Vendor Numbers, or Form H0090-I, Notice of Admission, Departure, Readmission or Death of an Applicant/Recipient of Supplemental Security Income and/or Assistance Only in a State Institution, submitted by nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation, or state supported living centers reporting admissions/discharges.
  • As a result of the initiative to integrate application and eligibility determination processes, a face-to-face interview is no longer required in determining eligibility for Medicaid programs within this handbook. See Section B-6100, Face-to-Face and Telephone Interviews.