Revision 19-0; Effective July 7, 2019


The following reporting requirements for the Mental Health and ID Business Objects Warehouse (MBOW) must be followed:

  • Appropriate Encounter Services and Grid Codes – Refer to the HHSC LIDDA Performance Contract. Applicable grid code 361 is Habilitation Coordination for an individual, and grid code 0362 is refuse Habilitation Coordination.
  • Critical Encounter Fields – Enc Type Cd must be F, Face to Face, T, Telephone, or E, Telemedicine. An Encounter Type value T is not sufficient on its own to produce or support an RO1H assignment. Recipient Cds 1-7 will be allowed for valid encounters. Values 2, collateral, Not Specified, 5, collateral, family member or LAR only, or 7, collateral, waiver provider only are not sufficient on their own to produce or support an RO1H assignment.