Revision 19-0; Effective July 7, 2019


HHSC does not authorize the monthly habilitation coordination fee for activities that are not one of the habilitation coordination activities defined in Section 5000 of the IDD PASRR Handbook.


6100 Non-Claimable Activities Related to Habilitation Coordination

Revision 19-0; Effective July 7, 2019


The following are activities that are included in the rate of habilitation coordination, but can’t be billed exclusively without a face-to-face meeting and an activity discussed in Section 5000:

  • phone calls, letters, emails or meetings with HHSC or non-habilitation coordination resources when the activity does not benefit a specific individual;
  • collateral contact;
  • leaving a phone message on a recorder; and
  • direct contact with the individual or LAR by a habilitation coordinator when contact is about coordination of transition services.


6200 Non-Claimable Activities Related to Administration

Revision 19-0; Effective July 7, 2019


The following are examples of non-billable administrative activities and not required for habilitation coordination but maybe required by a LIDDA:

  • administrative meetings or staff meetings;
  • in-service training, continuing education or conferences;
  • employee conferences or evaluations;
  • filing claims for services;
  • traveling to and from the individual's nursing facility;
  • travel time spent by staff related to habilitation coordination services;
  • "down-time" such as illness, holidays or vacation time; and
  • processing paperwork including documentation.