Revision 19-0; Effective July 1, 2019



Contractors must promote their FPP and provide outreach within the community to:

  • inform the public of the purpose of the program and available services;
  • disseminate basic family planning information;
  • enlist community support; and
  • attract potential individuals.

To help facilitate community awareness of and access to FPP services, contractors should establish and implement planned community activities to promote their programs.

Contractors should consider a variety of program promotion and outreach strategies in accordance with organizational capacity, availability of existing resources and materials, and the needs and culture of the local community. To gauge the efficacy of program promotion and outreach activities, contractors must:

  • develop an annual FPP promotion and outreach plan;
  • regularly monitor plan implementation;
  • evaluate the plan on an annual basis; and
  • modify program promotion and outreach activities, as needed.

Within 45 days after the end of the contract period, contractors must submit an FPP Promotion/Outreach Annual Report to