A provider is subject to periodic administrative, programmatic, and financial monitoring by CRS program staff members. Each fiscal year, state and regional offices assess providers to identify which will be monitored on-site during a 12-month period.

If a provider’s facility is selected for an announced quality review, the lead monitor sends a letter announcing the review, provides information about the scope of the review, and provides instructions about how to prepare for the review.

If the CRS program determines the need, a provider that is not identified on the risk assessment may also be monitored. Agency staff members may conduct an unannounced quality review, if the CRS program determines it is necessary.

The unannounced quality review or reviews may consist of:

  • an entrance conference;
  • a records review;
  • interviews;
  • observation;
  • tours of the provider’s facility and grounds; and
  • an exit conference.