Designated CRS program staff members continuously monitor the services provided to CRS participants and make regular on-site visits to a provider’s facility. The tasks completed during the visits may include the review of case files.

The quality review process focuses on how well the provider complies with the contract to provide and deliver services.

Ongoing quality reviews of the providers include ensuring that:

  • the services identified by the interdisciplinary team are necessary and appropriate;
  • the services are provided in accordance with the respective service array and other needed services and interventions are provided, as appropriate;
  • participants are free from abuse, neglect or exploitation;
  • participants, families, and guardians participate in identifying and selecting services;
  • services are provided based on assessed need;
  • services are continued, based on their efficacy and promote greater independence;
  • services are billed and paid correctly based on services provided and contracted rate;
  • the staff members interact appropriately and effectively with participants; and
  • all the participant’s identified needs are being addressed.