Home modifications are changes made to the participant’s physical environment to increase their accessibility to perform activities of daily living to function independently in the home and community. Any home modifications that the CRS program approves needs to have an assessment and gather professional recommendations prior to approval and purchase.

The home modification process begins with a full assessment of needs, followed by consideration of accommodation alternatives. This includes the need for participant training and education on the use of rehabilitation technology. The participant needs to make an informed choice about how to best meet their needs, considering the advantages of low-tech equipment over high-tech equipment, the need to maintain equipment, the possibility of maintenance costs, and the timeliness with which the equipment can be purchased. Creating an accessible environment for independent living may include, but is not limited to ramps and adaptive equipment such as stair glides and lifts.

Adaptive equipment may require installation, but usually does not result in permanent structural changes. Household equipment may be specially designed, selected, or altered to enable the participant to perform homemaker duties despite their functional limitations.
Modifications are limited to equipment that can be removed from the residence without permanent damage to the property should the participant move or fail to cooperate in achieving the planned objective.

Obtain a written agreement using the Form 3107, CRS Resident Site Modification Waiver and Agreement, signed by the participant, the property owner or both for any equipment such as a porch, ramp, or bathroom grab bars is attached (for example, bolted or nailed) to the property.  This document needs to be filled in completely and clearly justify the reason that the modification supports the participant's planned rehabilitation outcome. If the lien holder or property owner will not sign the disclaimer or there are circumstances of minor edits to the agreement, contact Legal Services for guidance. Provide a copy of Form 3107, CRS Resident Site Modification Waiver and Agreement, to the participant, lien holder or property owner, and keep the original in the participant’s case file.